How To Setup CloudFlare on Your Website

Signing up for Cloudflare is incredibly easy and takes less than 5 minutes. This article outlines the steps to successfully create an account and add your first website.

Create an account and add a website

  1. Go to and click the Sign up link at the top of the page. 
  2. Create a Cloudflare account by typing your email address and password. Click Create account now to proceed
  3. Enter the domain for your website and then click Add Site. It's not necessary to add "www" to the domain. For example, if your website is, type add website
  4. Cloudflare will scan your domain's DNS records. This will take approximately 60 seconds to complete. Once the DNS scan has finished, click Next.
  5. Select a free  plan  and then click Confirm Plan.   
  6. A list of all the DNS records found is displayed, including your subdomains. In this step, you can decide which subdomains you want to enable                                                                                                                             Cloudflare () or bypass Cloudflare (). Some records, like MX, never go through Cloudflare (no cloud).     If there are any additional records you'd like to add, you can add them here. After you've reviewed your DNS records, click Continue
  7. On the final step, you are given the Cloudflare nameservers for your domain. The Cloudflare nameservers are assigned to your domain and listed on this page.
  8. Click Continue 
  9.  Congratulations! You've successfully created your new Cloudflare account! But you're not done yet! The final step is to update the nameservers for your domain with the Cloudflare nameservers provided in the previous step and remove old 3 nameservers. 

    You should now proceed to the Crypto tab of your new Cloudflare account to verify that Cloudflare's Universal SSL records have been provisioned for your domain. They should appear as two records in the Edge Certificates section: One for your root domain ( and one wildcard subdomain record (* Once you have verified that those are in place you are all set to serve SSL! If you do not see those records quite yet do not worry, they should be provisioned within 24 hours. 

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